Who We Are

Ontario’s workforce meets public and private infrastructure needs in a number of sectors, and construction is a key pillar of our economy, bringing together owner-clients, contractors, and workers. Employers and workers bargain in good faith to achieve collective agreements which bind each party to a set of obligations that benefits not only the parties, but Ontario’s and Canada’s economy.

The Provincial Building and Construction Trades Council of Ontario is an organization that represents 12 craft unions in the construction sector, totaling 150,000 workers throughout the province. Our mission is to give construction workers a collective voice in the workplace, to help ensure that workers are well-trained to meet industry needs, and to promote healthy and safe work conditions with decent wages, pensions and benefits. Part of our success stems from the effective partnerships we have established with our signatory contractors and owner-clients who work with our affiliates to achieve public and private infrastructure needs in the following seven bargaining sectors:

Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional (ICI)
Electrical Power Systems (EPSCA)
Heavy Engineering
Sewers and Water Mains

We also work with provincial government ministries and agencies to ensure that the construction industry is well-regulated, competitive, well-resourced, and safe. Our government relations strategy keeps our affiliates abreast of regulatory changes, labour market needs, and potential work opportunities.