Press Releases

Keep up with the latest information from the Provincial Building Trades Council. Media inquiries should be directed to Patrick Dillon at:

June 25, 2021: Message from Patrick Dillon regarding Canada Day

May 14, 2021: Hamilton Building Trades welcome LRT funding, announce workforce development
May 14, 2021: Ontario Building Trades applaud new transit investments
May 6, 2021: Ontario Building Trades support general direction of new legislation
March 24, 2021: Building Trades Pleased with Infrastructure & Training Investments

December 11, 2020: Building Trades Reiterate Need to Adhere to COVID-19 Workplace Safety Protocols
April 28, 2020: Building Trades Mark April 28 – National Day of Mourning
April 3, 2020: Ontario Building Trades Support Keeping Construction Industry Partially Open

April 12, 2019: Budget Brings Infrastructure Growth Amid Training Concerns – Dillon
April 12, 2019: Building Trades Support Premier’s Unprecedented Transit Commitment

December 12, 2018: Ford government delivers lump of coal on last day of legislature with Bill 66
November 1, 2018: Ontario Building Trades respond to Bill 47
June 8, 2018: Ontario Building Trades Council Congratulates Premier-elect Ford: Dillon
April 17, 2018: Building Trades Welcome Fair Wage Legislation

October 5, 2017: Ontario construction workers disappointed and upset by Energy East pipeline cancellation
April 27, 2017: 2017 Budget Committed to a Shared Prosperity: Ontario Building Trades
March 24, 2017: Morneau on right track with budget, but more needs to be done: Dillon
February 21, 2017: Ontario Building Trades Welcome Fair Wage Review

December 2, 2016: Ontario Building Trades Endorse Approval for Pipeline Projects – Dillon
June 17, 2016: Nod from NEB Gets Ontario Closer to Energy East
April 28, 2016: ‘‘Business-as-usual’ will not get the job done on Prevention – Dillon
February 25, 2016: 2016 Budget Signals Ongoing Commitments to Infrastructure
February 3, 2016: Ontario Building Trades Council Praises Duncan Hawthorne’s Leadership
January 28, 2016: Repeal of Bills C-377 and C-525 welcome news for Canadians – Dillon
January 15, 2016: Tribute to Fergal Nolan
January 11, 2016: Criminal Conviction Sends Only A Partial Message of Deterrence

December 22, 2015: Construction Industry Salutes De Novo’s Accreditation by CCA
December 17, 2015: More Careers and Opportunities for Ontario with Energy East – Dillon
December 3, 2015: Ontario Building Trades Applaud Bruce Power Agreement Securing Jobs, Low-cost Electricity
September 15, 2015: Building Trades Council Welcomes Liberal Funding Announcement on Training
June 1, 2015: Building Trades Applaud Amendments to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act
May 22, 2015: Building Trades Welcome Construction Health and Safety Action Plan
April 28, 2015: Ontario Building Trades Observe National Day of Mourning
April 23, 2015: Budget infrastructure announcement will support jobs – Dillon
April 9, 2015: 55 Million will Attract More Apprentices to the Trades – Dillon

December 24, 2014: Building Trades Council Marks 5th Anniversary of Kipling Avenue Tragedy
December 8, 2014: Four dead construction workers elicit slap on the wrist
November 28, 2014: Compulsory licensing needed to prevent future tragedies – Dillon
June 27, 2014: Outcry over second construction worker death in same week
June 23, 2014: Tragedy hits Toronto’s construction sector, again
May 1, 2014: 2014 Budget Encouraging for Workers – Dillon
March 5, 2014: Energy East Pipeline good for jobs, nation-building: Dillon

December 5, 2013: Building Trades Council Welcomes Worker Protection Legislation
October 17, 2013: Building and Construction Trades Council Calls on Legislature to Pass Bill 69
May 2, 2013: Wynne Budget Rises to the Occasion – Needs House Support

April 5, 2012: Building Trades Support the Auditor General: Stop the Cheaters Now!
March 27, 2012: Jobs are the Key to our Prosperity: Building Trades Council Reacts to Provincial Budget