A Message from Our Business Manager

Patrick J. Dillion, Business Manager
Greetings, and welcome to our website where you will find useful tools and information about our Council and what we do on a regular basis to serve not just our members, but all constructions workers in the province of Ontario. Our Council represents 12 construction craft unions in virtually every discipline of the construction sector, totaling 150,000 workers throughout Ontario. Our members build the roads and bridges; sewers and watermains; schools and hospitals that sustain our well-being in a fast-paced world of emerging technologies and growing competition. As a Council representing many different organizations, we share one single goal, which is to work together with employers and governments to fight for good jobs that working Canadians can depend on to secure meaningful income that supports families and communities. We must embrace the concept of partnerships without losing track of this goal, and we welcome every opportunity to invest in the people of Ontario through training, skills development, and strong apprenticeship programs.

I sincerely hope that this website will assist you in navigating what you are looking for, and that through it, you will gain a better understanding of how we are structured, and what we stand for. If you have any questions or feedback, please send us an e-mail at info@ontariobuildingtrades.com, and we’d be happy to respond. We encourage and welcome your thoughts and comments!

Patrick J. Dillion
Patrick J. Dillon,
Business Manager